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Many people say that “Babies don’t come with an instruction manual!’ but after attending this four-week series you will think differently. This class is designed to take away a lot of the stress of bringing a new baby home. We cover setting up your nursery, using products safely, baby proofing your home, choosing a baby doctor, the infant feeding decision, calming a crying baby (learning “The Happiest Baby on the Block” techniques and Dunstan Baby Language!), normal newborn characteristics and procedures and basic baby care such as choosing diapers to changing them, bathing, burping etc… Join us for this informative four week series. Our instruction includes hands-on training using life-like infants, the latest research-based information, and video components, with additional time for questions and discussion.

Cost: $100 for 4-Week Session

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About Birth matters

Birth Matters offers comprehensive childbirth education for families in the Oklahoma City area. All of our classes are taught with the philosophy of "freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives." We present current research-based information to empower families to make the best choices for themselves, because ...

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