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Here you’ll find brief descriptions of all the classes we offer at Birth Matters. To learn more about a particular class and when it’s offered, visit our events calendar or click on the class itself!

birth-matters-classBirth Matters

Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth, our classes will help you learn about making it a wonderful, joyous and empowering birth. Regardless of where you plan to give birth, join us for informative, fun, option based class. Our six-week series covers common discomforts of late pregnancy and what you can do to eliminate or reduce them. Understand how the birthing process works and what you can do to have a joyful, comfortable birth. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques that have been tried and true. We discuss medical interventions – their purpose and your choices regarding their use. We discuss medications — their benefits and risks — so that you are prepared to make the decisions that are best for you and your birth. Partners learn how to be the best possible support to mothers during pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.

Cost: $250 for 6-Week Session


Baby Matters

Many people say that “Babies don’t come with an instruction manual!’ but after attending this four-week series you will think differently. This class is designed to take away a lot of the stress of bringing a new baby home. We cover setting up your nursery, using products safely, baby proofing your home, choosing a baby doctor, the infant feeding decision, calming a crying baby (learning “The Happiest Baby on the Block” techniques and Dunstan Baby Language!), normal newborn characteristics and procedures and basic baby care such as choosing diapers to changing them, bathing, burping etc… Join us for this informative four week series. Our instruction includes hands-on training using life-like infants, the latest research-based information, and video components, with additional time for questions and discussion.

Cost: $150 for 4-Week Session


Breastfeeding Matters

Approaching breastfeeding with confidence and ease. Breastfeeding is a natural experience, but learning to breastfeed can be overwhelmingly difficult for some new families. This class will help reduce your fears or anxieties and teach you how breastfeeding can be simplified and successful.  In this two part class you will learn what you can do to make breastfeeding a calm, relaxing and comfortable experience for you and your baby. We encourage partners to attend because of their unique prospective and ability to remember tips that will help guide you both in those early weeks with your new baby. The joy of nourishing your baby at the breast is truly a family experience. We will look at different pumps and equipment that will  help make shopping easier for you so that you will get the type of equipment that best suits your needs. You will also learn how to go back to work while breastfeeding. Getting off to a good start is key to having a great experience with breastfeeding. Whether you are certain that you want to breastfeed or trying to decide this class will really help.

Cost: $75 for 2-Week Session


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